What we can do for you

We are a friendly group who like to shoot arrows. Our members range from children to pensioners, with a wide range of abilities. Archery is one olympic sport that is accessible to everyone.

Feel free to contact us for further information.


Saxon Archers is currently a small club with a short history. We started getting together approximately 5 years ago at Stanley Park Sports Centre.

Situations changed and we moved to Thornton YMCA Sports Centre for about 2 years. Unfortunately they were having huge structural changes done to the building and so we had to move to YMCA Sports Centre at Fleetwood. Whilst here we seem to have outgrown ourselves and required extra facilities. So July 2015 sees us to our new venue at Cardinal Allen High School where we also have the availability to shoot outdoors on the playing field. This will give our members the ability to further their experience and enter into competition archery with various disciplines.

At the moment we are shooting at Palatine Leisure Centre in Blackpool. We may decide to stay here or return to Cardinal Allen, depending on what our members say.

We currently have 3 qualified coaches and 2 trainees available, who run "Beginners Courses" at regular intervals. They also help new starters to improve and become more accurate.

We encourage youngsters to take up the sport and hope they can be nurtured into future champions. There are a few of them at the club already improving week by week.